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Technical Documentation

Our technical documents have been designed for use by our Technical Consultants, many of the documents expect unmentioned additional information and are therefore not suitable for a non-specialised readership.

However we are currently creating documents that will be available to the public. This page contains those guides which are currently available and links to drivers and third party software.


Support of IE10 for image controls in web applications

Following enquiries received, investigations have been performed to ascertain the instances where users using Internet Explorer 10 are reporting that buttons are ‘not working’ within web applications.


Worldpay URL changes to Connect and Join@Home

Over the last year the WorldPay URLs have been updated a number of times. Gladstone endeavours to keep the latest versions of Connect and Join@Home using the correct URLs however customers with older versions of Connect may need to update the URLs to stay current with WorldPay recommendations.

At this time all current versions of Join@Home are using the up-to-date URLs.

Gladstone recommends the following options for customers with Connect:

  • Option 1 - Complete the configuration changes yourselves. Gladstone will make a document available to you. As this work sits outside the Gladstone’s Support Contract and is required by WorldPay. Should there be any issues with payments following the changes and Gladstone’s assistance is required, this will be charged at our usual daily rate. To download instructions on how to do this click here.
  • Option 2 - Gladstone will complete the configuration changes on your behalf at a cost of £150 per Connect installation (some customers have more than one installation). A purchase order for this will be required.
  • Option 3 - You may wish to take the opportunity to upgrade to Connect versions 3.4 or 3.5 as the URLs have already been corrected in this version. Please let us know which option you would like to use by clicking on the hyperlink below.
Complete the requirements form online by clicking here.

AUDDIS Compliance

From January 2013, BACS will no longer accept paired 0C and 0N transaction codes in response to Reason Codes 3 and E on ADDACS and Reason Code C on rejected AUDDIS where Bank Account details require to be updated.

Click here to download...

Plus2 Installation

This Plus2 installation guide will enable you to install a standard copy of our product onto a single PC or a terminal server allowing many users to use the system.

Prerequisites for Plus2 installation
  • Local administrator access
  • Dotnet framework version 2
Click here to download Plus2 Installation document

Click here to download a document explaining how the Multidatabase file is organised

Changes to privacy and electronic communications regarding cookies

Information about Gladstone products and changes to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations relating to cookies.

Click here to download the document.

VX510 Configuration (Chip & PIN)

To configure a new VX510 chip & pin device to work in a Plus2 environment follow the instructions contained in this document.

Click here to download

Hardware Server Specification

Below is a link to our latest hardware server recommendations specification. This includes information relating to a SQL server, Offline Report server, Terminal server and an Online Bookings server.

Click here to download