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Software Downloads

On this page we have provided some of the free software that we have created along with links to drivers or web pages for third party software which will be useful for managing your Gladstone solution.

SEPA Analysis Tool

This tool is to assist with Direct Debit file validation for customers with a requirement for SEPA compliance.

Click here to download the software package

Quantum T USB Barcode Scanner

MT650 USB RFID Reader

The MT650 USB RFID Reader is an alternative to the commonly used MT650 RS232 RFID reader. The associated driver creates a virtual com port within the operating system which can then be used by Plus2.
Available downloads

MT650 USB RFID Reader installation guide

MT650 USB 64bit driver

MT650 USB 32bit driver

Serial Port Test Application

Download the zip file here

Use this application for testing serial devices outside of Plus2.

This application can be used with;

  • Directly connected 9 pin serial devices
  • 9 pin serial devices connected via USB to a serial converter
  • USB devices emulating a virtual com port

Compatible with Dura Serial Reader, Metrologic Quantum Scanner, Metrologic Orbit Scanner, MT650 read only Mifare proximity reader.

Note: MT650 mifare read/write devices cannot be test via this application they must be test in Plus2.

Client Mugshot

Client Mugshot V2 has been designed to operate with a range of Logitech and Microsoft cameras without the need for installing the drivers and software supplied with the camera. As long as the camera is picked up by the operating system then Client Mugshot V2 will be able to use that device.

To view our recommended camera visit our online store by clicking here.

Download the Client Mugshot Technical Installation Guide here.

Download the required version based on the platform Plus2 is deployed on.

Printer Drivers

Ancillary 3rd party software

Some functions of our products require third party applications or patches.


MRMPlus2 on SQL 2005 or latter requires SQLServer2005_BC.msi or SQLServer2005_BC_x64.msi depending upon you Operating System from (32bit or 64bit)


Connect v 3 requires DotNet Framework 3.5 sp1